Once confined to a New York City cubicle, Courtney dreamed of a life less regular. In 2007, with a one-way ticket in hand, she quit her job, moved to Italy and never looked back. Now she travels for a living as a blogger, filmmaker and leading on-air travel expert.

Courtney  has been featured in over 400 travel interviews including national broadcast segments on CNN, MSNBC, Today Show as well as interviews with Refinery 29, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. As Expedia’s resident on-air travel expert, travel host and Viewfinder blogger she shares her expert tips on the best places to travel, money-saving strategies, and personal guides for packing and travel style.

“One woman can make a difference, but together we can conquer the world.”

In August of 2015, Courtney co-founded the popular female travel Instagram community, Girls Meet Globe, with her travel pal, Kiersten Rich. What began as an experiment has evolved into a destination where 100,000 women come to get inspiration from the most epic girls trips in the world. What Courtney loves most about the project is watching women supporting one another, and instigating each other to plan trips together.

Before her travel career, Courtney worked in Marketing at MTV Networks and graduated with a BA in Communications from Loyola University in Maryland.When she’s not on the road, Courtney calls New York City home.  Stay connected on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Courtney Scott Female Travel Blogger