17 Ways Your Trip to Italy Will Change You

Everyone should travel to Italy at least once.  It’s life as it should be, and sometimes, as it can only be in Italy.  So be forewarned.  When you return from your trip to Italy, you will likely experience varying degrees of PISD, Post-Italy Stress Disorder.  Suddenly the things you used to eat, wear, and do, make no sense at all. The longer you stay in Italy, the worse your symptoms will become.  But if you ask me, stay as long as you can.


#1. You will never leave your house with wet hair again.


#2. You will eat whole pizzas, not slices.


#3. You will be unimpressed by baseball.


#4. You will be outraged by your measly hour-long lunch break.


#5. You will feel like this about Starbucks coffee.


#6. You will dance like you mean it.


#7. You will forever correct the waiter who offers you “bru-SHED-a.”


#8. Spending eight hours in a cubicle will become unbearable.


#9. You will raucously applaud when your plane lands safely.


#10. Food won’t taste right without wine.


#11. You will bring plastic gloves to the produce department.


#12. You’ll try to convince your boss that the whole month of August should be a vacation.

#13. You will be enraged that you ate peanut butter all these years.

#14. You will kiss the Fedex guy on both cheeks.


#15. You will never order a cappuccino after dinner. Ever. Again.


#16. You will never wear sweat pants in public again.


17. No where else will quite compare.


  • Matt Gibson says:

    That was great! Like the new blog Courtney!

    • Thanks Matt! Fun to reminisce about my old expat days in Italy. 🙂

      • Robert says:

        To each his/her own I suppose. Can’t wait to move back to Germany after a year in Italy. Glad you liked it though.

    • Caillin Kelly says:

      I have Lived in Italy for 12 yrs. While I agree with most; I was happy to find Peanut butter: I really dont like Nutella.. I also remember clapping in the states when the plane landed. Like everything and everyone..its a matter pf personal choice, The Italians think im nuts cause I wont eat fish. My daughters friends aske me to make them grilled cheese sandwiches and PbnJ. We are getting ready to move back to the states; ANd I am already dreading it. Everytime I go to the states, I dream of coming home to Italy. che palle.. Caillin

      • Michael Urciolo says:

        I lived in Italy for 6 years working at the US Navy hospital. Initially, the hospital was in downtown Naples, but they moved it 30 miles north into the middle of nowhere. Had the hospital stayed downtown, I’d probably still be there.

        I don’t eat fish either – imagine my surprise when I was on my way to my boss’s house on Christmas eve to discover that Italians eat nothing but fish on Christmas eve! I ate a LOT of bread that day.

        Before moving overseas, I lived in Staten Island for 7 years; just about every store was closed during the month of August.

        • The seven fishes of Christmas Eve! You must have been in shock. But I’m sure the bread and olive oil was out of this world. I grew up in Long Island! We’re neighbors. 🙂

  • Mickela says:

    100% agreed on all of these!! LOVE THIS!!

  • 😀
    great! (#9 my favorite )

    you forgot that “you will never take a bath after lunch again” 🙂


  • cleat32 says:

    Your forgot your will never be overcharged for rent again, You wont have to hunt somewone down to accomblish a mission, You wont have to worry about somebody breaking in your home while you sleep then gas you so you dont wake up and then steal you blind, you wont have to worry about paying for everyone in the apartment complexes water bill because they tapped into your line. You wont miss being overcharged taxi fees soon they here you are not from Italy. I can go on for days I lived there over 4 years in Toskany so there are a lot of things they dont tell you or you dont see just visiting….

  • Rebecca says:

    THIS IS GREAT!!! We are currently living in Italy and have been for three years… Our time here is getting short and I don’t want to leave!!!! Italy gets under your skin! Gelato though…. you forgot gelato 😉

  • Rick says:

    Very funny point of view !!! It describes quite well some strange (for foreigners) habits (but normally for us) we have, e.g. loudly applause when landing at the airport… What can I say Courtney ? You start to know Italy deeply 😉

  • Jenny says:

    Loved your blog about ways Italy will change you. I miss and love Italia! My husband and I were stationed there for 6 years so I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kylee says:

    I’m sorry to inform you that sweat pants are officially trendy in Italy (and raucous applause now only seems to explode on intercontinental Alitalia flights. Thanks to low cost flights the Italians are now more worried about being the first off the plane).

  • Paolo says:

    It is a fun article and I would say accurate. I have many articles about Italy on my website but I never thought to look from this angle. I shared the article on my life in Italy Facebook page. Ciao

  • Marika says:

    You got it all! I miss my country everyday…all the small things…

  • Jean V Dubois says:

    You forgot “You will never again go through a green light without checking out of the corner of your eyes to make sure no one is blazing through the reds.”

  • Jelle says:

    So right!
    Only lived in Italy for one year, but we’ve always wanted to return! Reading your post brings a smile to my face!
    But indeed; sweatpants were trendy, also when we were there 🙂

  • Berenice says:

    Very funny and true! I would add “You will wonder how you lived for so many years without a bidet!”

  • Medusa says:

    Hahahahha i’m Italian…. LOVE your article!!! Ciao ciao 🙂

  • Mayra Collazo Ortiz says:

    Soy Puertorriqueña pero residi con mi hija por 10 años en Italia y nuestra vida cambio para bien, graicas a la calidad de vida en Italia. Adquirimos las cosas buenas de esa cultura, la cocina, la moda como vestir bien antes de salir de la casa, como expresarse con buen uso de razonamiento y sobre todo un alto conocimiento cultural de la historia humana y artistica. Gracias mi adorada Italia. Tengo mi residencia La Marche alli a la orden.

  • Stendhal says:

    Awesome! I’m trying to decide between number 9 or 17 which i like the most ! Keep on rockin’!

  • Giovanni says:


  • Gianfree says:

    Wow Courtney ahaha i’m an italian chef and i’m a big traveller as well and i can tell you, you hit the right point ahahha i showed your 17 ways to my italian friend and also them wasn’t stop to laugh easly 🙂

    i hope you will keep on travel all around italy, all South of italy is Amazing people are so frendly will be easy someone invite to his house to eat something very courious, and sure toscany, the region of fun, of olive oil of bruschetta but, don’t miss Piemonte if you really want to taste the best red wine of all the world 😉

  • As an Italian, I couldn’t agree more! Great post!

  • Tricia says:

    I couldn’t agree more and the video/ pictures were hilarious! Thanks for being so creative 🙂

  • Nancy Drake says:

    If it will get hubby out of sweatpants, I’d move there !!!!!

  • As my 13 year-old says, “Oh. my. glob. Yes.”

    It’s true. After a year that inspired me to use ever swear word I ever learned since kindergarten, I picked up our family from So Cal, packed stuff into storage, did a book tour across the US and then, hopped a flight (with one-way tickets) to Europe. We are here. In Firenze. Today marks 1 month of being in Europe and a full month of amazing inspiration, fruits and vegetables that actually TASTE like fruits and vegetables and not Crayola crayons. I have fallen in love with my curly hair, riposa, apertivo and I can’t imagine ever NOT wearing a scarf again, no matter the temperature.

    We’ll be here until the Schengen law requires us to leave in two more months, and then, who knows where but wherever it is, I know this:

    I will never be the same.

    • Your description of your first impression takes me right back to my first days in Italy. There is nothing like it. I remember tasting a real tomato for the first time and I realized that’s how they are supposed to taste! Sweet as sugar. And now being back in the U.S. I miss my colleagues and host families nagging me to cover up my neck and stomach so not to get a mal di pancia! I hope that you get to stay longer than a couple months. Savor it all. xx

  • Mony says:

    Hi Courtney. I absolutely loved your post! Very creative and funny. I had a question mark about the produce comment. Why gloves? What part of Italy will you be in this summer? I also love the way your site looks. Great job!

    • Thank you so much! In supermarkets in Italy they give you plastic gloves to use before you touch any fruit or vegetables! I thought it was so funny when I first arrived but then realized it’s quite hygienic.

      I’ll only be in Italy for a couple of days… in Liguria!

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