11 Instagram Travel Trends I Won’t Miss in 2017

It dawned on me recently that I’ve unwittingly been perpetuating some way overdone Instagram photo trends among our female travel blogger community. You know…those poses, postures and props that have thoroughly run their course. As we come to the end of one tumultuous year, lets rejoice as we go out with the old and in with the new. And with that, here are the 11 Instagram travel trends that I won’t miss one bit in 2017.


The “I’m carrying a pineapple”

I don’t know when a pineapple became synonymous with travel, but really, a pineapple is just a fruit. Scientific name, ananas comosus. Part of the Bromeliaceae family. So even if you’re balancing it on your head or tossing it in the air, it’s still just a fruit. I am all for pineapple poses in fruit markets or perhaps on the Dole Pineapple Farm in Oahu, but please, let’s elect a new fruit to be toted around the world in 2017. Cast your votes now.


The “my butt’s all sandy”

Let me tell you, after seeing this trend on Instagram and then attempting it myself, the result is not what you see. Sandy butts take a lot of doctoring to look like you just stood up to go frolic about in the ocean. My butt was caked with soupy sand, some coral and a seaweed tail.


The “pool float”

I love seeing both flamingos and unicorns in real life. Not in every single pool photo ever posted on Instagram. What happened to the good old-fashioned pool noodle?


The “jump shot”

I’ve been a lover of the jump shot for many years.  I’ve jumped at the top of the Austrian alps, jumped on my first trip to burning man, and hotel beds? I test them all out. I guess this one’s for me. I’m going to retire my jump shot in 2017. Feel free to join me.


The “breakfast in bed”

I partially blame hotels for treating travel bloggers to such elaborate breakfast spreads, that you can’t help but throw on your robe and capture it for the Insta. But how many more avo toasts, acai bowls and chocolate chip pancakes can one see in their feed?


The “two-handed hat hold while looking longingly at something fabulous”

You know the one. I’ve tried this one too back in 2015 but realized it’s the most unnatural body positioning. On an average day I would never sit and stare at a sunset, or watch the workers in a rice paddy holding on to the two edges of my hat in perfect symmetry, unless the wind was gusting at least 40 mph. It feels about as natural as these cats wearing hats.


The “but first, coffee”

There are only so many times a latte being cupped with two hands in a cozy winter scene can inspire us. Since we can’t actually give up coffee, though, how can we get more creative with this one in the new year?


The “awkward sponsored post”

If you are being sponsored to promote a product, it’s pretty obvious. But it’s our job as travel bloggers to choose products that organically fit into our storyline and present them in the most natural way possible. Like if your Instagram is all about the best vegan restaurants around the world and you then post, “My favorite travel snack is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese! Get 10% off today, link in profile.”… it’s awkward.


The “splash”

I’m ready to take a splash break in 2017. It’s just not practical. Unless you’re using a waterproof GoPro, you could damage your lens, your camera man gets soaked…bad day at the office.


The “heart hands”

I am all about spreading the love on Instagram, but what other interesting shapes can we make with our hands besides a heart? I feel like the “donkey hands” could go viral.


The “I woke up like this”

Full face of makeup, red lips, lashes with the caption, “Just woke up at the Four Seasons and can’t wait to start exploring!”

We can do better.

What other Instagram trends are you ready to ditch in the new year?

Let’s work together to create and innovate new ways to tell our travel stories. By the way, if you think I’m giving up the “dress twirl” in the ’17, don’t hold your breath!

Happy New Year everyone!