Hi, I’m Courtney Scott. I travel the world full time as a filmmaker, TV host and DJ. My clients include Porsche, EDITION hotels, Refinery 29, Avianca, Expedia, Air New Zealand and Samsung. For the full list please request my media kit. I am a one-woman production house, from conception to the final edit. In the male-dominated filmmaking industry, my goal is to inspire other female travelers to explore the world through a filmmaker’s lens. See some of my films here.

As a TV Host and travel expert I have appeared more than 400 times in national broadcast, radio, and print outlets including TODAY show, MSNBC, Fox & Friends, CNN, Wall Street Journal. I continue to share my decade of travel expertise on national broadcast networks and through published writing for A Hotel Life and Uproxx. In 2018 I had the honor of being featured in the book, “FIRESTARTERS: How innovators, instigators, and initiators can inspire you to ignite your own life.

What drives me? The power travel has to awaken, inspire and connect communities.