In 2007, confined to a New York City cubicle, Courtney Scott dreamed of a life less regular. With a one-way ticket in-hand she quit her job at MTV Networks, moved to Italy, started a travel blog and never looked back.

Today, Courtney is a filmmaker,  TV host and DJ who has appeared in over 300 interviews including national broadcast segments on Today Show, CNN, MSNBC and ABC News. In the male-dominated filmmaking industry, it is her mission to inspire other female travelers to explore the world through a filmmaker’s lens. Her personal, visceral style of storytelling has attracted brands like EDITION Hotels, Porsche, Expedia, Air New Zealand and Avianca.

She has filmed across six continents and each journey has left an indelible mark from shooting an active volcano in New Zealand, Dia  de los Muertos celebrations in Oaxaca Mexico, heart-opening volunteer experiences in Cuba and intimate underwater moments with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands. Courtney is driven by the power travel has to awaken, connect and inspire

Before her travel career, Courtney worked in Marketing at MTV Networks and graduated with a BA in Communications from Loyola University in Maryland.When she’s not on the road, Courtney calls New York City home.  Stay connected on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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