17 Ways Your Trip to Italy Will Change You

Everyone should travel to Italy at least once.  It’s life as it should be, and sometimes, as it can only be in Italy.  So be forewarned.  When you return from your trip to Italy, you will likely experience varying degrees of PISD, Post-Italy Stress Disorder.  Suddenly the things you used to eat, wear, and do, make no sense at all. The longer you stay in Italy, the worse your symptoms will become.  But if you ask me, stay as long as you can.


#1. You will never leave your house with wet hair again.


#2. You will eat whole pizzas, not slices.


#3. You will be unimpressed by baseball.


#4. You will be outraged by your measly hour-long lunch break.


#5. You will feel like this about Starbucks coffee.


#6. You will dance like you mean it.


#7. You will forever correct the waiter who offers you “bru-SHED-a.”


#8. Spending eight hours in a cubicle will become unbearable.


#9. You will raucously applaud when your plane lands safely.


#10. Food won’t taste right without wine.


#11. You will bring plastic gloves to the produce department.


#12. You’ll try to convince your boss that the whole month of August should be a vacation.

#13. You will be enraged that you ate peanut butter all these years.

#14. You will kiss the Fedex guy on both cheeks.


#15. You will never order a cappuccino after dinner. Ever. Again.


#16. You will never wear sweat pants in public again.


17. No where else will quite compare.