5 Ponchos for Winter Travel

ponchos for winter travel

Let’s be honest, when you’re rushing to catch a 5 AM flight, it’s still dark, and you’ve had only two of your five cups of coffee, the last thing you’re thinking about is a stylish outfit to wear to the airport. Enter the poncho. Perhaps my most essential of winter travel staples. It checks all the boxes of airport style: versatile, cozy, and does a great job of hiding the mismatched outfit you thought looked good that morning. Here are five drapey, oversized ponchos to swaddle yourself in on your next winter jaunt. 

The Mexican-inspired poncho

Paul & Joe Mexican Inspired Poncho

Because it’s warm wool but has summery vibes and a built in scarf and pockets to keep your passport and phone.

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The reversible poncho

reversible blanket poncho

Because two ponchos are better than one.

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The statement poncho

brown suede fringe poncho

Because you could be wearing pajamas and unicorn slippers and it would still look like style.

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The hooded poncho

free people hooded poncho

Because you can throw on your headphones, throw up the hood and disappear for a few hours.

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The cashmere poncho

cashmere blanket poncho james pearse

Because, cashmere.

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