6 things to know about The Ski Week

You’ve probably heard of The Yacht Week, but have you heard of The Ski Week? It’s a week-long ski festival organized in some of the world’s most incredible destinations, with curated events designed to make you feel like you have entered another realm of reality. Needless to say, I was stoked when Girls Meet Globe was invited to film our girls trip adventure at the birthplace of The Ski Week, Obertauern, Austria.

As a beginner skier, I  had lots of questions about the event. Would I be able to keep up? What should I pack? You may have similar questions so here are a few things to know about The Ski Week!




You don’t have to be a good skier. I had been on skis twice before arriving at the base of some pretty daunting slopes in Obertauern. The Ski Week organizes group lessons with local instructors so you will have no problem gaining confidence. Throughout the week, you can also partner up with The Ski Week staff who are super supportive of the newbies!



You should plan to be hungover all week. Despite best efforts to pace yourself, you will likely get swept up in the epic levels of fun happening at the nearly 24-7 aprés ski scene. Pack some Advil and embrace the hangover, especially if you plan on doing The Ski Week in Obertauern, as it is notorious for having some of the craziest aprés in the world.



The Ski Week Yoga Charlie Morgan

There’s so much more to do than ski! I was really happy to discover a packed schedule of activities for ski weekers, from snowshoeing to Hot Pod Yoga. Imagine an inflatable hot yoga studio at the top of the mountain and the only way to get there is to ski in, or ask the local Austrian instructors for a lift on their snowmobile (highly recommended). Shout out to our amazing yoga instructor, Charlie Morgan, equally bad-ass on and off the mat.



Music is a huge part of the event. From local Austrian bands, to international DJs, music is an integral part of The Ski Week and for me, one of the best aspects of the week. We were lucky to have Copenhagen djs Milo and Mads with us in Obertauern, making for some pretty incredible sets. One of the most memorable was in a snow lounge. Turntables in the snow and the party was only accessible by ski or snowboard!


The SKi Week Oktoberfest

Pack your lederhosen: One of the best nights of The Ski Week, Obertauern is the final Oktoberfest dinner when everyone wears lederhosen. You can rent traditional lederhosen upon arriving in Obertauern, or you can spend a little less money and buy a cute number on Amazon.com like I did.



You’ll make friends for life. Although I was lucky to take the trip with one of my besties, everyone who gravitates towards The Ski week shares a similar taste for adventure and an openness to connect with others. I met incredible people from all of the world and have connected with many of them since the event. Bonus!


If you need more convincing, check out what happened Girls Meet Globe cameras rolled at The Ski Week:


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