Everything’s Better In Bici

Bloggers meet Bici. Bici, bloggers. Can you believe this beaut was collecting dust in my garage for 40 years? The first day I returned from Italy I treated it to some new tires and a lovely oversized wicker basket and have since taken it to the streets of my hometown, Northport.

Each time my foot hits the pedal I’m reminded of my last day in Piemonte. My host mother had let me borrow her bicycle so I could say some farewells in the historical center of Ciriè. Her bike, circa 1960, was perfectly rusted, with failing breaks and a squishy banana seat. I adored this bike for its quirky charm. It screamed, “Ride me along a cobblestoned street in a little Italian village!!” And so I did.

I had the route memorized by now – left at the roundabout, right at the ospedale, past the little stream and you’re there! The sun’s low light cast gorgeous shadows along the rose-colored stucco and beneath Cirie’s many porticos. “It’s a perfect evening,” I noted.

I slalomed leisurely through the cobblestoned streets of this little Italian village, enjoying the feeling of my bohemian skirt fluttering in the breeze. I was early to meet my friend so I pedaled over to the main park – it was magnificent. Two rows of grand birch trees leaned into each other creating a blanket of soft leaves above, and twinkling specks of light on the ground. A group of old men played cards on one bench, two teenagers were eating gelato on another, and I parked my bici next to a third bench where I sat and sighed aloud. It all felt surreal, like the director was going to yell, “CUT” at any moment. My bici and I waited for the lights and cameras to appear, but they never did. There wasn’t anything to do but savor the moment.

iPOD Bici Playlist:

1. “Take me to Aruanda” – Astrud Gilberto
2. “Penny Lane” – The Beatles
3. “Diana” – Paul Anka (try to find Italian version 😉
4. “Andrea” – Fabrizio De Andrè
5. “Crash” – Dave Matthews Band
6. “Sweetest Thing” – U2
7. “Sous Le Soleil (Cuba Acoustic Mix)” – Major Boys Feat. Amelia
8. “Cinema Paradiso: Nostalgia” – Yo-Yo Ma Play Ennio Morricone