Manoa Falls

“Is this it?”

This craggy rock wall was moderately damp, and if I looked closely some droplets of water seemed to be falling from the top, but by no means was this the impressive cascading waterfall I saw on Google!  I guess that’s the Hawaiian winter for you.  Despite Manoa Falls being rather anticlimactic on the day I visited, the hike to get there is definitely worth it, and it’s free! You can climb through banyan trees, wander off the trail to a cool fern-covered creek, or have a yoga moment if you’re feeling it. Manoa Falls is only about twenty minutes from Waikiki in Honolulu and it’s an easy drive.  On your way, stop and see the friendly ladies at Andy’s Sandwiches & Smoothies on East Manoa Road for delicious smoothies and trail mix.

Manoa Falls Harvest Yoga Pants
Harvest Active Yoga Manoa Falls
Manoa Falls Banyan Tree Courtney Scott

{ wearing harvest escape leggings and sports bra available at Altitude Seven }