Where to See the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in NYC

There are a few tell-tale signs that Spring has finally made its way to New York City.

Brunch goes al fresco, iced coffees are out in full force, and New Yorkers smile at each other (for a few weeks, at least, before the brutal heat of summer makes us hate each other once again).

But the most beautiful sign of Spring in New York City’s is the cherry blossoms! Although the weather and temperature play a large role in the timing of the blooms, the best time to see cherry blossoms in New York City is between mid-March and early May.  Ahead are some of my favorite places to breathe in the beauty of spring in New York City.


The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Perhaps the most beloved place to see cherry blossoms in New York City is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in Prospect Park. You can follow their CherryWatch to see the day-to-day changes in the state of the blooms, from pre-bloom to peak bloom. Walking through Cherry Esplanade during peak season is one of the most magical spring experiences in New York City! You should also mark your calendar for April 30-May 1 for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s annual cherry blossom festival, Sakura Matsuri. The 35th anniversary of the festival will be celebrated in 2016 with tons of performances and Japanese culture.



Central Park

Central Park has a variety of cherry trees and some of the most beautiful specimens can be found near Sheep Meadow, adjacent to the Conservatory Water, and surrounding the Central Park Pilgrim statue. The park is especially gorgeous just when the petals fall and a dreamy pink carpet covers the grass. Check the Central Park Conservatory on Instagram to see when the blossoms are hitting their peak.


The West Village

The West Village is one of my favorite places to stroll or bike any time of year, but especially during spring! Daffodils and tulips pop up in the little flower boxes and overhead you’ll be shaded by cherry and magnolia blossoms. Grab a coffee or brunch and take in the prettiest spring neighborhood in the city.


Roosevelt Island

Serious cherry blossoms hunters know that on Roosevelt island you can avoid the crowds and grab a seat on a row of benches that are lined by cherry trees on one side, and views of Manhattan on the other! Impress your date with this perfect picnic spot.



The New York Botanical Garden

Head uptown to the Bronx and spend a day celebrating spring and the 125th anniversary of the New York Botanical Garden. You will be overwhelmed by the eye candy throughout this 250 acre oasis, from orchids to azaleas and 200 blossoming cherry trees.

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