Best Shopping in Positano, Italy

Positano’s fashion boom began in the late 1950’s with Moda Positano, a style of free-flowing dresses and bohemian beachwear made from linen and lace. As famous artists, musicians and actors from Elizabeth Taylor to the Rolling Stones discovered Positano, word about the tiny town and its fashion sense spread. It’s a style perfectly suited to the sun-drenched days and romantic nights on the Amalfi Coast.  To get the Positano look, head to three of my favorite shops:

Botegga di Brunella   I’ve been obsessing over Brunella’s linen since 2008.  In fact, I have not bought linen anywhere else in the last 7 years.  Brunella and her family are true artisans, making most of what you see in her two Positano shops in the on-site factory. They use Neopolitan looms to create boho linen masterpieces like caftans, scarves and palazzo pants. You will be wearing her pieces for years to come.  The quality is superb.

Positano Shopping Guide Linen La Botegga di Brunella Positano Shopping Guide FactoryPositano Shopping Guide Botegga di Brunella Positano Sopping Guide Vito La Botegga Di Brunella

Safari Sandali   Gennaro has been crafting Positano-style leather sandals since he was a young man. On any typical day you’ll find him in his tiny shop along Via della Tartana working away at his desk. A pair of custom sandals runs about 60 EURO and they are totally customized.  You pick the style and color of the leather, your foot is measured, and in about 10-15 minutes Gennaro has your sandals ready.

Positano Shopping Guide Safari Sandali Positano Shopping Guide Safari Sandali leather sandal

Emporio Sirenuse  This gorgeous boutique is owned by Carla Paravicini, who’s husband owns Positano’s famous Le Sirenuse hotel, directly across the street. Carla travels to India to get inspired for the prints on her gorgeous caftans and bright tunics. It’s also a great place to find gifts like Le Sirenuse’s signature “Eau d’ Italie” soaps or these awesome positano travel pouches.

Positano Shopping Guide Caftans at Le Sirenuse Positano Shopping Guide ClutchPositano Shopping Guide Le Sirenuse Eau d' Italie

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