Introducing Girls Meet Globe

Big travel show news that I couldn’t be more excited about! After several months of covert filming and traveling, my travel gal pal, Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad) and I are proud to announce our new YouTube travel web series, Girls Meet Globe.

No matter how busy life gets, traveling with your girlfriends has a way of reminding you to laugh and let loose. So in celebration of global girls around the world, we’re bringing you The Best of Bestie Travel in new episodes every Thursday!

So far, Kiersten and I have been having such a blast filming the show in The Hamptons, Tahoe and Aruba! We can’t wait to announce our next stop (it’s a good one!).

The female travel and YouTube communities have already been so supportive and we just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has watched the show. Check out our trailer for more about Girls Meet Globe, and don’t forget to Subscribe on YouTube for a dose of travel fun, expert tips and a bunch of bloopers every Thursday!