Chong Kneas Part 2: Hook, Line, and Crocodile

That’s me, fishing pole in hand. On the other end, a catfish dangling helplessly from the line. He was at my mercy. I grazed his wriggling body along the surface of the lake to send a signal…”lunch time!”

Within seconds, the Chong Khneas crocodiles appeared. Beady eyes and snaggletooth grins, these crocs meant business. I tapped a few of them on the head with the fish, but no movement. “Are they more interested in me?” I worried. Suddenly, “SNAP”, one of the biggest crocodiles grabbed on. Unable to support the pole anymore, I used the leverage of the railing to fight with him for a few seconds, but his jaws were too powerful. Lunch was served!

Cost of feeding crocodiles: USD 5 (with a little bargaining)

John Catfish

Feeding time Immagine 119