Ode to Burning Man 2014

What can be said of my very first burn?  
So many emotions at every turn  
I had no idea how the playa would be  
A place that’s so wild, so happy, so free  

A place to get dusty and move your feet
From Disco Knight rhythms to the Robot Heart beat  

A place to discover your strengths and your limits   
To smile your face off every single minute
A place to explore in the heat of the sun
To give hugs and free shrugs and have unfettered fun

We escaped our egos and schedules and phones
To float through the week under the buzz of the drones
New friendships formed freely as the sun rose and set
Hard to think that many of us had just met

But that is the magic of a week in the dust
You help, you love, you believe, and you trust
Finally, normal people
68,000 to be exact
Until we meet next year…
I’m already packed.


Burning Man 2014 photo credits:  Sofia Malmgren, Johan Edetoft