10 Ways to Look Less Like a Tourist in Italy

Throughout my expat years in Italy I’ve lived with, worked with, and dated Italians who have each imparted a bit of wisdom about Italian life.  At first I was confused.  How come I can’t drink a cappuccino after dinner?  Why would my wet hair cause a stomach ache?  But as my time in the Bel Paese ticked on, I became a convert.  And now, I feel it’s my duty as a traveler to pass on these unspoken rules to you.  So here you go — ten easy ways to look less like a tourist in Italy.


#1.  Pasta first, meat second.  No ifs, ands or buts.

#2.  Wear slippers around the house and flip flops around the pool.

#3.  Resist all urges to yawn in public without covering your mouth.
#4.  Make intense eye contact while cheersing.


#5.  Give up asking for butter with your bread.


#6.  Iron. Your. Clothes.  I’ve even had my socks ironed in Italy.


#7.  Eating and Drinking on the Go?  No, no.


#8.  Put some pedal to metal when driving on the Autostrada, or prepare to be honked at and brighted.


#9: You ordered linguini with clams?  Great.  Now step away from the Parmesan cheese.

#10. Repeat after me:  Gra-zi-e.  Three syllables, not two.  

If you enjoyed this, check out 17 Ways Italy Will Change You.  I hope everyone gets the chance to travel to my favorite country in the world!