Shiseido in the Hamptons

Having a strong body is important to me. Over the past few years through a combination of yoga and a diet overhaul I have transformed my body and feel stronger and healthier than ever. I will write more about my fitness and diet regimen in a separate post, but today I want to share a product that stands up to my active lifestyle and workouts: Shiseido’s Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+. It’s sunscreen, it’s makeup, it’s both, and it multitasks as much as I do.

Shiseido Sports BB

Last week I threw it in my beach bag and headed out to the Hamptons for a photo shoot with fierce female photographer Cecilia De BuCourt. We wanted to create a shoot that celebrates the strength of a woman and that was inspired by Shiseido’s Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+. What is WetForce? It’s a unique technology that activates extra UV protection when you hit the water or start to perspire so your skin stays protected while you sweat it out. I could literally feel the water beading away from my skin when I went for a swim. Shiseido’s Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+ also has contouring powders that are activated by sunlight. They make your face look brighter and more sculpted. It’s like the post-yoga glow in a bottle! I used the medium tint but it comes in three shades to match your skin tone.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback after you try the product. Happy Summer!

Shiseido Sports BB WetForce 50+Shiseido Sports BB WetForce

this is a sponsored partnership with Shiseido