The Family Farm

While Belgrade is already firmly on the travel map, especially as a nightlife mecca, the Serbian countryside is just as fantastic and for totally different reasons.  This is my husband’s family farm in Klenak, Serbia which is in the Vojvodina region, known for its agriculture.  Maybe some time in the future we’ll turn it into a bed & breakfast so all of you can experience it too! Until then, the photos will have to do.  If you happen to be driving through the Vojvodina countryside in the near future, you should be on the lookout for these:

Klenak Sign and Horse

Salaš — these are working farms that invite travelers to pass by for a meal or for a rustic night’s stay.  There is usually live tamburica music and what is served is always fresh–I’m talking lamb that was just slaughtered, fish from the Danube tributaries, veggies straight from the garden and wine and rakija made by the family.  Salaš 137  and Plava Frajila are not to be missed.

Watermelons on the Farm in Klenak

Pekara — this is the Serbian word for bakery.  Pekare should be frequented often for all kinds of baked goodness. Kifle, proje, pogacice and other savory pastries are most popular, but my favorite is burek, a flaky cheese and meat pie served with a side of drinkable yogurt.  Always get the yogurt and eat this at every opportunity you have.

Serbian pastries2

Kafane — while you’ll see kafane (taverns) on nearly ever street in Belgrade, there’s usually one kafana per town in the countryside.  It acts as the central meeting point where beer, wine, rakija (think grappa but stronger) and grub are served from morning to night.  Old kafana tradition says that you should start your day with a strong coffee and a shot a of rakija.  I’m down with it.

Blue-Linen-Wagon-Light2Pears in Crates Klenak

Farmstands — Vojvodina farmers like to set up road-side stands in front of their homes to sell their latest crops.  Depending on the season you can typically find red peppers sold by the bunch (used for avjar, the most addicting dip I’ve ever had), garlic, potatoes, watermelons, apricots and flowers.

farmstand in Serbia VojvodinaKlenak Town Serbia

Monastaries — Fruska Gora is the only mountainous part of the the Vojvodina region, which is largely flat farmland, and it’s home to some of Serbia’s beautiful orthodox monasteries — over a dozen of them.  They are less grand than Belgrades famous Hram Svetog Sava but each gorgeous in their own right, and did I mention old?  Most date back to the 16th century.

Belgrade 21 KM

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